Maintain a Healthy and Youthful Appearance.


For facial, neck countouring, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening, Share Wellness is pleased to offer this unique Elos technology, which utilizes two forms of energy simultaneously. Infrared light energy and bipolar radiofrequency in combination stimulate an increase in new collagen formation. These treatments help patients achieve a more youthful appearance. Sublime is well tolerated with only a momentary feeling of heat or slight sting. There is no downtime. Best results are usually obtained over a customized series of treatments.


Treatment Areas

  • Facial Contouring
  • Neck Contouring
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Skin Tightening

How does Sublime technology work?

The combined bipolar radiofrequency and light energies of Elos technology precisely heat the dermal tissue, stimulating collagen production within the target treatment area. Fine wrinkles are reduced, facial contours improved and overall skin quality reveals a much smoother and even complexion.